Visual Identity

At VOXO, we know there is power to simplicity. We provide solutions that are straightforward and easy to manage, allowing your organization to collaborate with ease while optimizing business communication.

Our Approach

Communication expert VOXO approached us to redefine their brand identity. As the company outgrew the startup scene, their current brand no longer aligned with their vision for the future. Our mission was to create a refined enterprise identity that could scale and grow with the future of VOXO.

Logomark Concept

This concept although very simple carries multiple messages. The overlaid lines represent collaboration and coming together. The movement of the mark represents the transfer of information. When the logomark is repeated and applied in marketing applications it conveys the main mission of VOXO which is to simply communicate.

Joe Mordica
Voxo | Founder

“Our experience was great and the project was completed in a timely manner and with excellence.”

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